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ANSI Z87.1 Safety Sunglasses
Our safety rated sunglasses are AS/NZS 1337:1992 standard certified and ANSI Z87.1 compliant for medium (ballistic) impact industrial eye protection.
ANSI Z80.3 Sunglasses
All of our sunglasses are UV400 rated to meet the ANSI Z80.3 standard for UVA, UVB and IR protection

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Fuglies sunglasses unique construction brings together great looks, sun and glare protection, impact safety protection and the comfort of a soft rubber foam gasket that protects from peripheral glare and wind-blown dust and sand. The Fuglies foam rubber insert is vented to reduce fogging.

Our lightweight and impact resistant black wrap-around polycarbonate frames are metal screwed at the hinges for extra durability and strength. An added feature that is importants for anyone on or near the water, is that Fuglies sunglasses float!!

The Fuglies frame design also includes soft rear arm grip tabs for a non-slip fit, and an adjustable elasticised strap. Most models also feature a scratch resistant outer lens coating and a fog dispersant inner lens coating, with lenses available in ANSI Z80.3 compliant UV400 acrylic, or shatterproof ANSI Z87.1 compliant medium impact resistant polycarbonate.

Whether on your bike, on the water, or just out and about, Fuglies offer everything you need from a pair of sunglasses for an active lifestyle.

Fuglies Goggles - And they float too!!

Our new Fuglies Goggles range features a lightweight fully vented polycarbonate frame, adjustable elasticised strap, and shatterproof and impact resistant polarized lenses that are safety certified to the ANSI Z87.1 standard (AS/NZS 1337:1992 equivalent) for medium impact (130 ft/s) eye protection. For a snug fit these goggles also have our standard inner foam gasket.

Waterproof and dustproof construction, scratch resistant outer coating and fog dispersing inner coating makes these a great bit of kit either indoors or outdoors where it's too dusty, too wet, or too active for standard construction sunglasses to cope with. Great for kite surfing, wakeboarding, bike riding, sky diving or bush work in dusty or smoky conditions.

Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Polarized lenses in a range of tints
to reduce glare from water, fog, and
snow, as well as oncoming traffic.

Polycarbonate Safety Glasses

Shatter-proof safety rated UV400
glare resistant lenses including a clear
lens for night riding.

ADF Military Sunglasses

As worn by Australia's military elite.
Designed specifically to ADF & ASOD
specifications for the Australian SAS

Photochromic Sunglasses

A polycarbonate toughened UV400
safety lens that is clear indoors but
darkens when exposed to sunlight.

Bi-Focal Polarized Sunglasses

A fully tinted acrylic polarized lens with
a half moon magnifying lens insert for
near vision improvement.

Fuglies Safety Clears

Our first indoor-use models - medium impact crystal clear polycarbonate lenses in our classic wraparound frame

A Word About Floating: Yes, they float, but it's the strap and the foam insert that make that happen. Also, while fully waterproof and great for watersports, the foam will become waterlogged after about 45 minutes of full immersion. The basic deal is that if you're wearing them in, on or around the water, if you drop them in the water you've got heaps of time to retrieve them (unless they float away), but don't expect them to float with the bits that make them float removed, or to be able to float forever. Just thought we'd let you know.

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